Group Goes To Washington To Support Veterans During Protest

Anti-war protests this weekend in D.C. have Columbus residents heading to Washington to protect the Vietnam Memorial Wall.   Iraq war protesters are planning to invade D.C. this weekend as the 4th anniversary of the war approaches.

When Columbus activist Eve Tidwell heard that protesters were making their way to the nation's capitol, she feared they might damage the Vietnam Memorial Wall.

In response, more than twenty thousand people from across the country, including some from this area, are on their way to the capitol to show support for the troops in Iraq.  "Reports are out that some of the protesters that were going to protest against the president and war, are planning to do damage to the Vietnam Memorial," said Tidwell, Columbus Resident.

So that is why twenty residents met Friday morning and loaded up for a caravan.  They'll join others heading to D.C. all supporting the troops and the war.  They say guarding the Vietnam Memorial is top priority.  "I have friends that names are on that wall.  So it's going to bring back emotional memories seeing those names," said Virgil Thompson, Columbus Resident.

"My dad is a Vietnam Veteran and my brother is in the Marine Corps.  So my family is very patriotic.  I'm not in the service, but I thought I should at least show my support for the troops," said Matthew Krause, Columbus Resident.

Meanwhile, for this group from Columbus, they want everything to remain peaceful.  "I don't think that we can change their mind about the war.  All we can do is take our stance and show them that we support the president and troops," said Thompson.

Eve Tidwell say for folks who could not travel to the Washington, there will be a ceremony in Columbus at the Government Center.  It will be Saturday from noon until one at the MIA/POW memorial.

The group from Columbus is expecting to return home Sunday.