Teens Arrested in Drive-By Shooting

Three Wacoochee Junior High School students are behind bars tonight. Lee County Deputies say they stole a high powered assault rifle and used it in a drive by shooting. The suspects are just 13 and 15 years old.

Tanja Brumsey and her two teenage children were asleep early Monday morning when they heard several loud booms.

"My dog went crazy, I jumped up and came into the living room and my son was coming down the stairs an I asked him what was that, and he said gunfire mom," said Brumsey.

When deputies arrived they found a trail of bullets and shell casings from an AK-47. Just a few Hours later police arrested two 15-year-olds and a 13-year-old. Investigators linked the teens to a burglary where several firearms, including the AK-47 were stolen. Police aren't discussing a motive, but Brumsey says the suspects were angry with a friend of his teenage son.

"I want them to be charged with attempted murder, cause they could have killed me or one of my children, I have an 18 year old that's expecting a baby and she could have been killed," she said.

We are told the teens are still behind bars. Tuesday, they will go before a Lee county judge and probably be released to their parents. Wacoochee Junior High school is on spring break this week.

We are still waiting on the superintendent to call us back to see how he's going to handle the situation.