Teens Arrested in Second Shooting

A Phenix City mother says three teens shot up her house over a pair of tennis shoes. Phenix City police say the suspects in this shooting are the same Wachoochee Junior High students arrested Monday for a similar shooting in Lee county.

Willie Bell Jackson and her four sons were asleep Monday morning when bullets punched through her front door and windows. The stolen AK-47 and sawed off shot gun left behind splintered wood, and an uneasy feeling that Jackson's 15-year old son was the target.

"One of them he used to hang out with , the other ones he got into an altercation with over some shoes that were stolen," Jackson said.

That same morning, investigators say the 13-year old and two 15-year-olds, did another drive-by at a home in Smiths Station. Once again, we are told they were arguing with a teenager that lived inside the house.

"We have heard from random sources that there is a possibility that it might be some gang affiliation connected with this incident," said Captain Van Jackson, with the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

Before the bell rings on Monday when classes resume from spring break, Lee County Superintendent John Painter says he will decide what type of disciplinary actions will be taken against the students, right now he says he is reviewing the facts and working closely with judical officials and law enforcement.

The three teens went before a lee county judge today, because they are juveniles, those court proceedings are not public. However, it's likely the three will be released to the custody of their parents.