One Person Hit After Bullets Spray Car

Phenix City police say at least one person was hit after gunfire ripped through a car Wednesday night.

The shooting happened at the Edmond estates apartment complex and wounded an innocent bystander.

When police got there they found a bullet-riddled Chrysler in the parking lot.    Police say 18-year-old Tommy Weaver was taken to the hospital with a bullet wound to the stomach.   "We have found that this all began as an argument, and then escalated into gunfire," said Capt. Jim hart, Phenix City police.

Witnesses reported hearing several gunshots from several different shooters.   And they say it's becoming all too common in the neighborhood.   "Just about two weeks ago the children were out on the playground and somebody came through here shooting.   I am just concerned about the safety of the children," said Johnny White, Phenix City resident.

Police say the driver of the car ran away from the scene.   It's unclear whether or not he was wounded.

This as those who heard the shots Wednesday night have a message for people shooting up their neighborhood.   "If they wanna shoot go to Iraq and get on the front line.   I think that's what they need to do," said Susan Curry, witness.

Phenix City police say they are looking for four people they would like to question about Wednesday night's shooting.  If you have any information that could lead to an arrest, you are asked to call the Phenix City Police Department.