Sessions Quick To Echo Bush's Criticism On Dem's Iraq Plan

Iraq war funding and tensions with Iran were hot topics Tuesday, at a town hall meeting East Alabama. Senator Jeff Sessions discussed those pressing international problems.

Senator Jeff Sessions greeting Notasulga residents, one day after Vice President Dick Cheney attended a fundraiser for the Alabama senator, and told the crowd, you can't win a war if you tell the enemy you are going to quit.

The comment, referring to democrats efforts to tack a deadline for withdrawing troops, onto a supplemental war spending bill.

"It basically sends a message to the enemy that this is our quit date, we are gone and that encourages them to lay back, delay their plans then up their efforts later I really think it's bad and I think it's the wrong thing to do," said Senator Jeff Sessions.

The President says he will veto the bill, which Senator Sessions supports.

Democrats say it's the only way to derail the administrations disastrous Iraq policy.

"I hope politics won't delay this funding that can cost lives and great disruption in the Department of Defense as they finagle money to keep our soldiers taken care of in Iraq," said the Republican Senator.

Meanwhile tensions are building between Iran and the UK, where 15 British naval personnel are being held hostage.

"I don't think we will go to war with Iran, but Tony Blair needs to think seriously about what to do and what kind of pressure he can place on Iran, so that they feel it," Sessions said.

It's been 57 days since President Bush asked congress for more money in Iraq.

Tuesday, lawmakers left for spring break without acting on that request.