Dadeville Kia Supplier Ripped Down By Wind

Straight-line winds take out an east Alabama Kia supplier. A half-million dollars worth of twisted steel is on the ground. KwangSung America will have to wait a few more weeks for its Dadeville plant to be finished.

KwangSung America's Tallapoosa County project was standing tall Tuesday, but now it resembles steel spaghetti. The plant's steel frame was pushed over by a straight-line wind around 2:30 a.m. CDT Wednesday morning. The National Weather Service out of Birmingham estimates the wind was blowing about 50 miles per hour when the structure fell.

"They surveyed it today and thought it was in-line winds that got it. We had some utility trailers there for the workmen for the construction site, and the trailers were not damaged," said Joe Paul Boone, Tallapoosa County EMA director.

The construction manager tells News Leader 9 about $500,000 worth of damaged steel is now resting on the pad. The building was to be finished by September 15, but it will now take an extra six to eight weeks. The plant is being built on a hill in the industrial park, and the wind pushed it from the back until it fell like dominos. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

The 70,000 square foot plant will produce hoses, ducts and sun visors for Hyundai and Kia.