Police Investigating Whether Robberies Are Linked

Four robberies and a shooting in less than 24 hours are keeping Columbus police busy and neighbors on edge. Columbus police are investigating whether some or all of the robberies in this crime spree are connected.

For the last few weeks, Columbus police say robbers have been targeting people, instead of businesses, that is until Tuesday night's crime spree.

"We'll have a spike of business armed robberies and for whatever reason, the last couple weeks, we haven't had many," said Capt. Lem Miller, from the Columbus Police Dept.

That violent night began when investigators say three gunmen went into Club VIP on Midtown Drive, fired some shots, and robbed the people inside. No one was hurt in that holdup.

Two hours later, the Subway on Victory Drive was also hit, but this time by two gunmen.

The Waffle House and a Circle-K gas station were also held up later in the night.

"The first robbery there was three black males involved in it. The other three two black males were described as the suspects. In each robbery, they were armed with handguns," said Capt. Miller.

In the Circle-K robbery, the duo used one of those handguns to shoot a gas station clerk in the stomach.

Il Hong Pak was taken to the hospital he's expected to be okay. Columbus police are looking at whether these robberies are connected.

But people living in the area say they just want the robbers caught.

"I'm hoping it was just some crazy people that had to get their kicks or their dope or whatever they had to get, and it's done with," said Inge Hart, a Columbus resident.

Investigators have two descriptions of the gunmen's cars. In the Club VIP robbery they got away in a blue Ford F-150 truck.

The gunmen at the Subway robbery were seen leaving in a white pickup truck, possibly a Dodge Dakota or a Chevy.