Harris County Remembers Va. Tech Massacre Victim

A Pine Mountain native was one of 32 people killed by a gunman on the campus of Virginia Tech Monday morning.Jamie Bishop was a German language professor.  The gunman burst into his classroom in Norris Hall and immediately shot Bishop in the head.

Hundreds gathered at the First United Methodist Church of Pine Mountain Tuesday night, to honor Bishop.

One by one, family and friends made their way into the First United Methodist Church to remember Jamie Bishop for the man, teenager, and child they loved so dearly.

"He was a great student. He read more books, I had to go to the library to get more books for Jamie," said Jo Holladay, Bishop's teacher.

Each person, another story, another memory. Even those who hadn't seen Jamie Bishop in years came to reflect on who he was, and how much he meant to them.

"It seems like we were just sitting in Mrs. Palmer's class, whining about reading Canterbury Tales. We were all just happy and smiling," said former classmate Jennifer Wood.

"He was always a great guy. Last night, I looked at my yearbook, and read what he wrote," said Kelli Wommack, another classmate.

The candlelight service was more than just a vigil for Jamie. It was a reminder that 31 more families are going through the same heartache of losing a loved one.

"We're here just to pray for everybody," said Holladay.

Jamie Bishop's parents, Mike and Jeri Bishop weren't at the service because they're in Virginia. Bishop leaves behind a wife, Stefanie.