Clergy, Firefighters Have Highest Job Satisfaction

The University of Chicago's National Opinion Research Center finds that professions helping people have the highest satisfaction rate. The two most satisfying jobs in America belong to preachers and firefighters.

"That's kind of surprising because I figured other ones out there, nursing, healthcare, I wouldn't have guessed it would've ranked that high," said Lt. Todd Angel, Opelika Fire Department.

Firefighters come in second with 80 percent satisfaction, and clergy tops the list with 87 percent. First Baptist Church Opelika Pastor Steve Scoggins says God called him to the ministry, where his gratification comes from lifting up Jesus and loving people.

"I would say I'm satisfied knowing I'm there to help folks. There's the deepest satisfaction in the world when you know you're doing something, that you're helping folks, you're doing something important for eternity," Scoggins said.

That keeps many preachers going, especially when comforting those sick or grieving.

"Sometimes we are hurting as well as the individuals we are working with, but at the same times we find great satisfaction in rejoicing with individuals," said Rev. Clifford Jones, Greater Peace Baptist Church.

Firefighters put their lives on the line every day, and saving another person is its own reward.

"It's the closeness that comes from working together with the guys, doing a good job, giving back to the community and feeling like we're providing something for everybody," said Opelika Assistant Fire Chief Byron Prather.

Clergy and firefighters also received the highest "happiness" score. Jobs such as retail clothing sales, bartending and freight handling scored at the bottom of the satisfaction survey.