Valley High School Locked Down After Gun Threat

A lock down at Valley High School after reports of guns surfaced early Friday morning.  Police say an anonymous caller alerted them to four possible gunmen inside the school, but no weapons were found.  With Friday's anniversary of Columbine and this week's Virginia Tech tragedy, schools are very cautious.

Police and parents come together as worries rip through this high school community. Reports of four guns on campus sent both groups to Valley High School. One mother feels it could be a copycat after the Virginia Tech tragedy.

"It makes me very uneasy, but I also feel like they don't need to keep running that over and over because it gives other students ideas," said Jackie Varner.

Valley police searched the school for more than two hours with metal detectors, but came up empty-handed.

"We've secured the school and went through each classroom, checked each student for weapons. All the book bags, lockers, cabinets, everything where they can be concealed," said Chief Tommy Weldon, Valley Police Department.

One parent questioned school officials about the parking lot.

"They ain't going to take them in the school. They're going to stash them in a car, come out, get it, do what they got to do," said Richard Windsor.

Chambers County Assistant Superintendent George McCulloh told parents everything has to be checked because they don't know who may have the guns.

"We check inside first, then you check outside. We have no names, so you have to check everything," McCulloh said.

Police say they don't even know the identity of the tipster because the call could have been made from a prepaid cell phone.

"They don't have a SIM card. They're not easy to trace, and we don't know where this call came from. We don't know which tower it hit or anything," said Chief Weldon.

Police say the tipster overheard four boys talking about the guns in a bathroom. That person called police, but quickly hung up. Parents who showed up at the school were allowed to pick up their children, but only after they were released one-at-a-time.

If you have information about the case, you are asked to call the Valley Police Department at (334)756-5200, or the Chambers County Board of Education at (706)586-2280.