Friends Hold Vigil For Hospitalized Students

A community is pulling together to pray for two high school students, who are fighting for their lives. Hardaway High student Taylor Adams is battling a rare strain of meningitis, while Calvary Christian sophomore Janson Hutcherson is recovering from a baseball injury.

Since the day Taylor Adams was brought to Columbus Regional Medical Center, the outpouring of support has made her parents speechless. Especially the help from Taylor's friends.

"Sometimes we don't give teenagers a lot of credit, they're hard to raise. But these teenagers and these kids are what's helping me and Randy get through this," said Teresa Adams, Taylor's mother.

Taylor's friends and family gathered at the hospital Friday night to pray for her recovery, and Janson Hutcherson, who was seriously hurt in a baseball game.

At times, they were overwhelmed with emotion as each person asked for help from above.

"Everybody's praying for her and everybody knows she'll make it through this because she's a strong girl and I believe she'll pull through it," Brittani Culpepper, Taylor's friend.

Teresa Adams says Taylor has improved 100 percent from two weeks ago, but her condition is still critical as doctors try to relieve the pressure in her brain.

Her friends say any little improvement is a victory against this devastating disease.

"It's real joyful to me because she's one of my really good friends and we've been friends for a long time and I'm so grateful she's going to pull through this," said Michael Brooks, Taylor's friend.

With so many people pulling for her, Taylor's parents believe miracles can happen, and they have a room full of loved ones to prove it.

"It has restored our faith in people, in the world, it has changed our lives forever," said Teresa Adams.

Janson Hutcherson's parents weren't at the vigil because they're in Atlanta taking care of their son. Janson is awake and will be moved to a rehabilitation center in Atlanta on Monday.

As for Taylor Adams, her friends have been raising money through different fundraisers and car washes to help the family.

Meanwhile friends and family of taylor adam are raising money through different fundraisers...

A fund has been set up for Taylor Adams at Columbus Bank and Trust. You can find out details of Taylor's recovery by clicking here.