Finding Work

The Georgia Department of Labor is hopeful the city will bounce back after 1,900 Columbus residents lost their jobs last year.

Career counselors say the key to helping the city recover from a series of layoffs at plants like GNB Technologies, Swift and Marubeni is to get former employees motivated to re-join the work force.

"I think that there are still going to be great jobs in Columbus," Career Center Manager Tommie Chambers said.  "But we just have to utilize our resources and pool together, and get people employed."

Chambers is advising job seekers to focus on what they have to offer an employer, rather than dwelling on the skills they lack.

"There are a lot of things that go along with the job," Chambers said.  "You know, even just good attendance, being there on time every day: a person that's gonna come to work and give you 100 percent. A lot of companies are really just looking for that, and they're willing to train once the person gets on that job."

Chambers is predicting industry in Columbus, and the jobs that go with it, will bounce back as the economy improves.

"I don't think we're gonna go any further backward than we've gone. I think it's an uphill journey."

by Andrea Gage