Columbus Pre-K Teacher Deploys To Iraq

A Columbus elementary school spent Friday afternoon saluting one of their own, who will soon be deploying to Iraq.

Edward Brooks says he is really going to miss his students while overseas.  Each student says they have fond memories of a man everyone has nothing, but kind words to say about.  "He's not too nice and he's not to mean, he's like perfect," said St. Mary's Student Nahtyka Jolly.

As Edwards gears up to defend his country, his students understand.  "When he defends my country, it's better for the whole country not just me," says St. Mary's Student Michelle White.

Even though he is leaving to protect his country, he says his job at Saint Mary's will always be on his mind.  "The job I was doing here was a kind nature.  It's all about the children and has nothing to do with me.  Our children are our future and that is important," says Brooks.

The faculty at Saint Mary's say they had reasons to go all out for Brooks.  "We didn't want him to go away feeling sad, so we wanted to have a celebration to salute him," says St. Mary's School Ulondia Miller.

Brooks also got a surprise phone call from his mom who could not make it.  This added more emotion to the celebration.  "She couldn't be here and just hearing her voice brought back my childhood up bringing."

The teacher will train for approximately 70 days before deploying.  He expects to be in Iraq for at least a year, and says he'll go back to teaching as soon as he comes home.