School Turns into Beauty Salon To Help Others

Lakewood Elementary school in Phenix City made a big transition Thursday morning.  They went from educating students, to styling hair in a make shift beauty salon.

Thirteen students and their coach cut off ten inches of their hair.  The students and their Coach Courtney Cooper are making a heart felt donation to locks of love.  It's an organization that makes wigs for children who loose their hair due to illness.  These kids at Lakewood say they were happy to share a piece of themselves with someone else.

Some of them say it was scary to chop off their hair, but on the flip side it was for a good cause.  "I was nervous at first, but I wanted to do it.  I thought that I'm going to still look good after I cut my hair, but my hair is going to look even better on someone else," said Lakewood Student Ragan Jackson.

Their P.E. coach says this was something she began thinking about just over a month ago, and then began soliciting students as well.  "I got my ruler and started measuring their pony tails.  I asked several of them did they want to do it with me.  Some were like yea and others were like I need to talk to my mom," said Lakewood Teacher Courtney Cooper.

Lynn Howard works for Eve's New Attitude, which provides wigs for adult cancer patients. Howard says donating your hair does come with some stipulations.  "They can have permed hair or colored hair, but no bleached hair.  It must be long enough to cut off 10 inches," said Howard.

So while these girls are sporting a new look, a part of them will continue to live on with kids in need.  "I am very happy about what I did.  I know it is going to make the person getting my hair happy as well," said Lakewood Students Kelsee Enfigher.

Local hair stylists were there to help Thursday morning.  Classmates made a one dollar donation to benefit the local Relay for Life and so far the school has raised just over $4,000.