Homeowners Win Lawsuit Against Developer

A Lee County neighborhood is celebrating victory in a lawsuit against a developer. The developer wanted to put an entrance for another proposed neighborhood inside the Huntington Hills subdivision.

On this quiet street in Huntington Hills, kids ride their bikes and neighbors enjoy living off a major road.

That's why they were up in arms when a developer, Rebecca Slappey, wanted to use their street as an entrance for a proposed neighborhood.

"We bought on this street because it's a cul-de-sac, a quiet area. And this guy was trying to turn it into a major thoroughfare," said Edward Geer, a Huntington Hills resident.

In 2005, hundreds of residents went before the Phenix City Planning Commission to protest the planned subdivision's entrance.

But the commission approved Slappey's request, so homeowners took another course of action.

"We raised the money, got an attorney, fought him and we won. And we're so glad the judge looked at it from a parent's viewpoint," said Dorothy Moore, who lives in Huntington Hills.

Residents say there was never a reason to use their neighborhood as an entrance, because there's room for an entrance near the Slappey property on Wellman Drive.

"You know if he wants to continue with it, he should just use his land off of the road he lives off for it to be an entranceway," said Moore.

"He could always use the road that he already has. Wellman already has a road that goes straight to it, but it goes by his house, because he already has a house back there," said Greer.

Many residents say Russell Slappey is the developer. News Leader Nine spoke with Russell Slappey, and he says his mother, Rebecca is the one who owns the land.

Russell Slappey says it's not financially feasible to put an entrance anywhere else but Huntington Hills. But now that they can't do that, Slappey says they'll have to make a decision whether or not to go ahead with the development.