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Columbus Riverfest - May 4

It is unfortunate that we did not have RiverFest this year in April as we have for many years. Maybe it was for the best, however. Attendance and revenue has been declining and the focus of the event had changed dramatically.

The Historic Columbus Foundation has used River Fest as a fund raiser and had taken almost sole responsibility for putting it on each year, a task that might just be too large for a group their size.

I commend HCF for their efforts. I also commend them for taking a break from RiverFest to evaluate its future.

They have put together a group to study and decide exactly what our community wants.

I understand they have gotten feedback from a lot of people and the consensus seems to be that we need RiverFest and we also need more people to support RiverFest.

I agree, it needs to be a community wide event with community wide support.

We shouldn't expect HCF to have to do it alone.

I pledge our support and I hope every other business in our area will do the same. Columbus and the Valley need and deserve a quality community event in the Spring.

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