Daring Employees Avoid a Hostage Situation

Tense moments Saturday night in Dadeville, as police thought they had a hostage situation....

Around 9:00 last night the store's manager and a cashier were closing down, when a masked gunman, walked in and demanded money.

Minutes into the ordeal, the cashier made a daring run for the front door, at the same time the manager ran to his office and locked the door.

Witnesses say the suspects attention was diverted to the clerk and that's when the manager slammed the door and locked it.

The manger and the clerk literally divided and conquered and called 911.

Before police even got there the suspect had run away, but police didn't know that, so they cleared the block, closing down nearby stores and a McDonalds.

Chantel Ray a McDonald's employee recounts, "They told us to lock the doors and to not take any more orders and to go to the back.."

Thankfully, there were no hostages, however there's still no suspect, which worries residents.

Tia Williams of Dadeville says, "Seems like he's trying to rob folks, no telling what he's capable of."

The dollar general is locked up tight and many residents tell News Leader 9 they will be locking their doors and windows, taking extra safety precautions until the suspect is found; but the fact that the suspect was wearing a mask and the store did not have any surveillance video makes the task extremely difficult for police.

The suspect is a man, standing between 5'8 and 5'10. He weighs about 160 pounds. He has brown eyes and was wearing an orange ski mask.

If you have any information on this case please call Dadeville Police Department at 256-825-6212.