East Alabama Officers Say "Click It Or Ticket"

Drivers in east Alabama got a friendly reminder Thursday to "Click It or Ticket." The annual seat belt and safety drive kicked off Thursday in Auburn. Officers from Opelika, Auburn and Lee County stopped drivers along Frederick Road and Glenn Avenue. Instead of handing out tickets to people not wearing their seat belts, they handed out magnets and brochures as a reminder to buckle up.

"We're just reminding everyone to buckle up while they're in the car," said Lt. Will Mathews, Auburn Police Department.

Some motorists are thankful for the reminder.

"I was involved in an accident when I was younger with a friend of mine that didn't have his seat belt on. I've worn mine ever since," said William Allbrook, an Auburn resident.

Alabama's seat belt usage rate is 82.9 percent. That's up from 81 percent two years ago.

On a national average, one in five Americans do not regularly wear their seat belts. The "Click It or Ticket" campaign runs until June 4, and officers say after Thursday you'll get a ticket instead of a magnet.