Victim's Family Wants Answers About Attack

The family of an assault victim wants answers about an attack at a mental health hospital. Terry Cox, a patient at West Central Georgia Regional Hospital was arrested for beating another patient, Luis Marrero.

"We're all alone here. No help. Nobody's coming to tell us this is what's going on, nothing at all," said Jesus Marrero, the victim's brother.

Frustrated and devastated, Jesus Marrero says he can't believe his brother, Luis Marrero, was beaten so severely, he's lost most of his brain functions.

"The doctor told us my brother has brain hemorrhaging, he has several facial fractures, swollen grossly," said Marrero.

Because of privacy laws, the Department of Human Resources won't release any details about Sunday's attack at West Central Georgia Regional Hospital.

The patient accused of beating Marrero, Terry Cox, has been arrested.

"I understand the person that did this was roommates with my brother. So I don't understand if you have people that are ill, rooming together, is there cameras there? I don't know, they couldn't tell me," Marrero said.

The Marrero family blames the hospital for the attack. Sue Marlowe, with the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, says the fault lies within the system.

"The hospital's been under funded, understaffed. It's been put on the chopping block four times. And the morale has gone up and down over the years," said Marlowe.

The Marrero family says this is not the first time a patient has attacked another patient. Family members say they are planning to file a lawsuit against the hospital for what they call gross negligence.

The man accused of beating Marrero, Terry Cox is no longer being held at the Muscogee County Jail, but is in custody elsewhere.