Sheriff's Deputies Out in Force

With Memorial day right around the corner, sheriff's deputies are out in full force, making sure you are wearing your seat belt and not drinking and driving.

Deputies are sending out a strong warning, buckle up or get a ticket and if you drink and drive, you are going to jail.

Wednesday's roadblock was at Gateway Drive and Society Hill Road. The intersection has seen such a spike in accidents, County leaders will soon make it a four-way stop.

All summer deputies will performing saturation patrols and setting up checkpoints on similar roadways.

"They have been identified as what we call hot spots, lots of accidents lots of reports of violations, that where we will have our patrols concentrated," said Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones.

Some drivers don't agree with the effort. At least one told News Leader 9, it infringed upon his civil rights. However, most drivers are content to wait in a line of traffic till it's their turn to hand over their information to the deputy.  They understanding "Click it or Ticket," saves lives.

"I think it's good, it makes people responsible and they need to buckle up, I think it's important," said Jamie Cooper.

Chances are you'll run into at least one road block this summer. Both Auburn and Opelika police departments will be setting up similar checkpoints along with Lee county deputies.

So make sure, you have your license, insurance and of course that you click it.