Domestic Violence Victim Laid To Rest

Brandi Jernigan was killed in a murder - suicide last weekend by her boyfriend Edward Jernigan.  Family and friends told News Leader Nine Wednesday afternoon that Brandi Jernigan was a vibrant young lady, who aspired to be a nurse someday.

Jernigan enjoyed drawing and painting.  However, her friends say she sketched their lives with laughter and a bright smile.  Some did not learn of her death until they got to school Monday morning.  "I walked into first block and my friend said didn't you hear and I said what.  That is when she told me Brandi was dead.  I was shocked,"said Victim's Friend Kristen Bradford.

Brandi's friends say when they heard of the shooting, they could not believe that could happen here in the Valley.  "You will never thank something like this would happen, not to Brandi.  When I got the phone call it was the most unexpected phone call I got in my life," said Victim's Friend Will Conley.

There were hugs and tears as many got to say good-bye.  However, her parents say seeing their daughter's friends meant a lot.  "Everybody knew her and loved her.  Brandi is a good hearted person and she had a personality you would never forget," said Victim's Parents Donald & Brenda Jernigan.

Some say her funeral service has not hit home that Brandi is never coming back.  "It really ain't gonna hit me until maybe about 3 o'clock Thursday when I see the school buses coming and I don't see her car flying by my street," said Victim's Friend Zach Simmons.

Brandi Jernigan was laid to rest in Fort Mitchell national cemetery Wednesday afternoon.  Her parents say even though their daughter is gone on to a better place.  They will meet her again someday soon.