Hurtsboro Trash Finally Being Collected

It appears the garbage finally is being collected in Hurtsboro -- a bit later than usual.

An employee at the Town Hall told News Leader 9 Thursday morning his trash was picked up Wednesday, and he assumes other people in town were served as well.  This seems to confirm reports that a city trash truck was in a shop for repairs.

Yet piles of garbage lined some streets in Hurtsboro Wednesday night, and residents were growing impatient as they waited for pickup.

The trash pickup is normally scheduled for Mondays and Tuesdays.  Some trash cans and dumpsters are starting to overflow creating an eyesore. Some are also worried about the trash becoming a health hazard.

"I think it's a disgrace it needs to be picked up. You don't want to look at trash every time you ride down the road," says Hurtsboro resident Ashley Kelley.

Hurtsboro Mayor Sandra Tarver contradicted the reports of maintenance work, in an interview with Fox 54.  She claims Hurstboro residents put trash on the streets after this week's pickup.

-- Freelance Producer R. Burkard and Roszell Gadson