Organization Find Summer Jobs For High School Students

A group called, "United to Save Ourselves," is stepping in to mentor at risk students this summer.  They've been doing it for the past twelve years.  They say it is their goal to help kids find professional jobs.

The organization helps improve the lives of young men and women in the Phenix City and the Russell County area.  Their goal is to build students self-esteem and provide them with positives activities to do in the summer, while out of school.  "If we don't expose our kids to doing things other then cutting grass and being janitors.   They will never be able to see anything other than that," said Organizer President James Sellers.

Jobs include working in a courthouse, learning how a funeral home operates or even working with companies like Aflac.  Some professionals say this is one life lesson the students will never forget.  "It introduces the young people to a workplace and help them understand the environment.  It can be a positive impact on their lives," said Russell Co. Probate Judge Alford Hardin.

A positive impact that not only teaches them how to work with others, but the importance of responsibility.  "They will learn that if you have to be at work at eight o'clock, then you need to be their at maybe a quarter till eight.   So I think they'll lean the consequences for being tardy," said Russell Co. Superindent Dr. Vivian Carter.

Even though these students will learn some life long lessons, they even get a little change in their pockets.  "A lot of the companies pay our children to work direct, but we have fundraisers throughout the year to provide funds for our children to work," said Sellers.

Before the kids participate in the summer program they go through a workshop training.  This teaches them how to be professional in a work environment.

Organizers say this program has had a positive impact on students.  Some former students have become school administrators and health care workers.