Lee County Jail Holds Open House, Fundraiser

An east Alabama sheriff could be spending the night in jail. He'll pay the price for your generosity in his new detention center. Lee County's new jail is ready for display.

"It'll be dedicated in honor of Sheriff William S. Jones, who was sheriff of Lee County in 1932 and lost his life in the line of duty," said Sheriff Jay Jones.

"Lockdown Lee County" will let taxpayers see if their money is well spent.

"What we're going to do is offer people the opportunity to kind of look around the new facility, the new jail and the new sheriff's administration building. Let them see where their money's going," Jones said.

Tickets begin at $25 per person Friday night, so your money will stretch even further.

"Every bit of it is going to two very worthwhile agencies that support us on a daily basis, the Child Advocacy Center and the Domestic Violence Intervention Center," said Jones.

If more than $2,500 is raised outside of ticket sales, Jones will call a cell home for the night. The new pod-design jail allows for a total of 430 beds. Alabama has had a problem the last few years with crowding state inmates into county facilities, but Major Cary Torbert said this new jail eliminates that possibility here.

"As long as the state continues to do what they're supposed to do, move state inmates that have been convicted out of the county jail 30 days after they receive their transcripts. We haven't had any problems over the last six months," said Torbert, Lee County jail administrator.

The new jail cost around $20 million to build, and construction is on-time and on-budget. They'll add the finishing touches to the jail this week, and start placing inmates by June 4. Opelika will also start placing its inmates there as well.