Alabama On Fire Alert

Friday the Alabama Forestry Commission issued a fire alert status for all 67 counties. The dry weather has created the potential for devastating wildfires. Some fires are already burning in our area.

Fire and smoke rose off the ground off Lee County Road 51 Friday afternoon. A lightning strike sparked the 10 acre fire last weekend. Alabama forestry officials attempted to control the burn by blocking it from other dry vegetation. "This particular fire is less than a mile from an occupied structure and a wind could shift easily and take it towards that house," says Andy Guy of the forestry commission.

Forestry officials say fireworks or even a cigarette butt can cause a fire. Outdoor burning permits are now sevrely restricted. "They are no longer issuing permits unless you can prove you got adequate equipment to handle the fire," says Guy.

Riley Belcher lives less than a mile from the Lee County fire. As the owner of 65 acres of land himself, he's praying for rain. "The biggest thing is just as far as your house goes keep it cleared around keep the vegetation as far away as you can and keep a garden hose close by that's about it," he says.

Forestry officials say the state needs several inches of rain in order to escape from the latest fire alert.

Roszell Gadson