Iraqi Government Moves Quickly to Rebuild Bridge

Courtesy: Dog Face Daily--- Bridge Repair Work
Courtesy: Dog Face Daily--- Bridge Repair Work

FORWARD OPERATING BASE HAMMER, Iraq - Local engineers and government officials started repairs May 17 on a bridge damaged six days earlier in a car suicide bombing.

Construction workers from Jisr, Diyala started working on the bridge two days after the bombing.

The bridge connects eastern Baghdad to the town of Jisr and the Mada'in Qada. It spans the Diyala river.

Local construction crews cleared the concrete rubble.  Constructions workers were initially secured by Coalition Forces and Iraqi Security Forces.  Now ISF has been assigned to the security mission.

Parts of the bridge is now allowing one-way traffic to pass.

Major James Carlisle, from the 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division says. " There is little doubt that the Qada mayor is aware of the needs of his people, and through the Government of Iraq, has the ability to provide for those needs."

Information Courtesy: Dog Face Daily- A Military Magazine