Life saving defibrillators

The citizens of Columbus are again the benefactors of a multiple donation of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in an attempt to save the lives of people who suffer sudden cardiac arrest. A $50,000 check to strengthen the chain of survival for sudden cardiac arrest in the Columbus community will be presented by Suzanne Carpenter of the Guidant Corporation to Michael E. Garrigan, president and chief executive officer, of St. Francis Hospital and Teresa Humphries of the American Heart Association.  The money will purchase 13 to 15 AEDs, educate the community on their use, and support the American Heart Association's Operation Heartbeat. The City of Columbus' Emergency Medical Services will help determine where the AEDs will be distributed. The cost of an AED is approximately $2,800 when they are purchased in multiples. Columbus is a leader in the placement of AEDs in public facilities and companies. There are approximately 120 AEDs in Columbus, approximately 30-40% of them in the public safety area. Others are located in local high schools, the Columbus Metropolitan Airport , Columbus Convention and Trade Center and the Springer Theater. Sudden cardiac arrest strikes one million people worldwide. Tragically, 95 percent of them will die. In 1990, the American Heart Association introduced the chain of survival model to symbolize the sequence of events that must occur, quickly, to increase cardiac arrest survival.