Water Bills On The Rise due To Drought

Water-something we all have to have. But, with the recent drought alert here in the Valley, the price of H20 is H-i-g-h.

Kristin Suddeth lives on the North side of Columbus. She says the high water bill is taking a toll on her yard."Everything is going up except my check ... y grass looks really terrible compared to what it usually does because I don't use water often." , said Suddeth.

Water bills have increased in the past month because of the drought.

Already this year, we're almost 9 inches below normal.

And with sprinklers running overtime, complaints are soaring across Columbus. Suddeth says, she's just having to cut back.

She adds, "I come out here and water my flowers in the morning because by the end of the day If you wait until the evenings there all wilted because its so hot and I don't use my sprinkler that much because my water bill is so high."

Water rates here in Columbus have not gone up this year, but to keep your bills down may mean cutting back on usage. That's what most residents are vowing to do at least until the drought drips away.