Risking The Limit On Highway 431 South

Russell County deputies are out in force, trying to keep drivers are safe this holiday weekend. One of the main roads they're concentrating on is Highway 431 South, where speed and reckless driving have taken dozens of lives over the years.

White crosses tell the tragic stories of dozens of lives lost on Highway 431 South. The notorious road is known for high speeds and devastating accidents.

"Ain't no traffic light on this road, no stop sign, it's a straight shot, turn them loose. It's dangerous, real dangerous," said Tyler Williams, a Highway 431 driver.

From Phenix City to Seale, the speed limit is 65 miles an hour. Our radar gun clocked one driver at 84 miles an hour, another driver zipped by at 74 miles an hour, 9 miles over the limit.

"I just let them go on by me, don't bother me. I see them coming in my rear view mirror and I just let them shoot on by me, hope they get the ticket, that's all I can do," said Rory Gabbard, a Highway 431 driver.

Russell County deputies are already out on the roads, issuing tickets ahead of the holiday.

"Normally, especially around the holidays we have one or two fatalities, we try to get out here and pick up patrol on speeding, try to prevent that," said Deputy Alfonso Smith.

We rode around with Deputy Smith as he patrolled Highway 431, and saw drivers going up to 84 miles an hour.

Then we drove into the stretch where the speed limit drops to 55, because it's a construction zone...it wasn't long before we caught a speeder in action.

"I just clocked a vehicle doing 76 in a 55, attempting to catch up with the vehicle to make a traffic stop," said Deputy Smith.

The offender is an elderly man from Florida, who apparently had no idea he was speeding.

"Reason I stopped you sir, you were going 76 miles per hour in a 55", Deputy Smith told the driver, who responded "I really truthfully wasn't paying any attention."

Deputy Smith writes the man a 156 dollar ticket and sends him on his way.

Investigators want drivers to know they can expect the same, if they risk the limit this holiday weekend.

"Our guys are going to be out there, running radar but they're also looking for seat belt violations, and reckless driving violations," said Lt. Heath Taylor, from the Russell County Sheriff's Department.

The Russell County Sheriff's Department gets a grant from the state, that allows them to put more deputies on Highway 431, just to run radar and other traffic violations.

So if you're planning to head down 431 South this weekend, deputies are asking you to buckle up, slow down, and make it home in one piece.