North Columbus Still Recovering From March Tornado

Nearly three months ago tornados came through tearing the south, ripping up parts of Americus and Columbus.  The recovery is slow in some aspects, but two local businesses in North Columbus are back up and running.

Driving along Veteran's Parkway you will notice two businesses that have been closed since the March first tornado, are now back open.  The tornado left the McDonald's and Exkerd Drug Store with major damage.  The Mickey's D's sign was not smiling then. Now it's all smiles for the sign as well as customers.  "I feel good cause I look forward to getting stuff off the dollar menu cause gas prices are so high," said Customer Calvin Hodge.

The Eckerd Drug Store suffered extensive damage, something many customers say they will never forget.  "There was massive amount of damage and a lot of water damage," said Customer Raymond Parker.

Even though many businesses took a hard hit, many neighborhoods like Brookstone took a beating.  Some homes had major roof damage, while others just had to be rebuilt from the ground up.  "Everything is looking prosperous.  A bunch of work has been done, but there's a bunch left," said Contractor Tommy Chancey.

Now that two more businesses  are re-opened, customers say it will save them time and gas.  "It just makes everything a lot more convienent for everybody that stays of this side of town," said Parker.

The Eckerd Drug store and the Mcdonald's re-opened last Thursday.  Both store managers say they're happy to be back in business.

As for the Brookstone community, some contractors are just now beginning the task of repairing homes.