Local Educators Go To School

It's back to the classroom for these local educators. But they're eager to take in knowledge they could actually implement inside their classrooms. "It's like a shot in the arm. You hear new ideas, things you've not seen or heard before, and you get kinda excited so when you're doing your lesson plans over the summer you've got these fresh ideas to add into them,"says veteran teacher, Cindy Spraggins.

Fresh new ideas school district administrators helped bring to Columbus. The conference is offering 43 different presenters in 93 different sessions. Those sessions are so jammed packed with people some of the classes are being offered at Hardaway High School.

But it's what comes out of the sessions that matters. "I work at an alternative school. I learn a lot of management techniques here, all of our kids need to be successful and they all need to be told that they can be successful, and to hear that is a reminder, positive input is good,"says veteran teacher, Gina Farish.

Subjects the conference will focus on are Math, Reading, English and the Language Arts. Finding out how to make these new ideas fun and easy for the students is one thing...implementing it into lesson plans is another. "I'm thinking of dates to go down to the teacher resource center and build actual centers and things for my kids to do more hands on items,"says Candace Turner a new teacher with the Muscogee County School District.

At least 750 people signed up for this years conference. They include teachers, para-pros and administrators.

The conference will conclude Friday, June 8th.