One Year Later: Police Look for Possibilities in Missing Person's Case

It's been a year now, since anyone has seen or heard from Auburn University graduate Lori Ann Slesinski. Auburn police say they are still looking at several persons of interest, but are open to all possibilities.

The 24-year old mental health care worker was last seen on June 10th, and was reported missing three days later by her mother. One day after that, her blue Mazda Tribute was found engulfed in flames behind the bowling alley on Dekalb Street in Auburn.

Family, friends and detectives have reason to fear the worst. They say it would be totally out of character Slesinski to disappear on her own. She was too close to her family, loved her dog and never missed work.

You can still see the charred area, where police found the blue mazda tribute burning. Investigators say sometimes a suspect will burn a car, to cover up evidence. Police are still trying to determine if that happened in this case, while they would be very interested in knowing who drove the Mazda here.

"There's a crucial period of time in this case between Saturday when she was last seen and the Wednesday morning that her vehicle was found burned, if we can pin point where that car was, during that time period it would go a long way in this case," said Lt. Paul Register.

Meanwhile Slesinki's mobile home on Webster Road, looks much like it used to, no one has lived there since she vanished. Police say they've interviewed at least 80 family members, co-workers and friends.

"We've have had certain people we've been very interested in I have to say we've had several interviews with several people but as far as saying absolutely that person we know is responsible for her disappearance we can't do it," said Register.

The investigator believes, while the leads have slowed, someone knows something. He's urging them to come forward, so this family can know what happened to their daughter.

"Even though people don't want to get involved cause it makes them uncomfortable to talk with detectives about things they know, we just want somebody to be forthcoming and share with us that piece of info, not just what they think we know," Register said.

If you do remember seeing that odd colored, bright blue Mazda tribute, you are asked to call police at 1-888-522-7847. Lee County Crime Stoppers is offering a 10-thousand dollar reward.