High Heat High Crime: Does Summertime Bring A Rise In The Crime Rate?

Thursday, June 7th, Tyquest Hunter turned himself in after being accused of discharging a rifle and killing 16-year-old Kerri Demarcus Battle.

Three days later...

19-year-old Kollister Williams is gunned down during a drive-by shooting at the B-T-W Apartment Complex.

And one week later...

Former Muscogee County Sheriff's Deputy Meredith Rhodes is shot outside of Roger's Tap Room.

All of these acts are familiar trends of high summertime crime that indicate when the temperatures soar, so does the crime rate.

It's an unfortunate, yet traditional cycle of violence.

"You can look at the trend and go in two different directions one you know crimes of opportunity while people are away from home. They're on vacation. They're out more and the other is a combination of alcohol and heat. Tempers get short when it's hot, people are drinking and bad things happen," says Major J. McCrea pf the Muscogee County Sheriff's Department.

FBI reports reveal crime rates are lower in January and February.

Those statistics begin to increase by March, and in June the crime rate rises above the national monthly average and peaks in August.

Despite this summer spike, local law enforcement officers say it's always important to be aware of your surroundings.

"The society today as it is we need to be very aware of our environment year around and we need to try to minimize the opportunity for crime year around. But the attention we're bringing your attention to now is, it does peak significantly during summer months," adds McCrea.

Local law enforcement also encourage Columbus residents not to let the spike in crime put a dent in summer time plans, but just be aware and take extra precautions.