Local Fans Mourn The Death Of Pro Wrestler Chris Benoit

Many people remember his face, his name and his fights.

And the death of Chris Benoit comes as a shock to local pro-wrestling fans, who just saw Benoit and other world wrestling entertainment stars two weeks ago at an event in Columbus.

"I collect action figures and I customized the belt and they're not printed I have at last a hundred. That's just my thing. I grew up watching Benoit since I was eight or nine," said William Lachuga.

"It hit me like a mac truck to my gut. I mean one day you're watching him on TV and the next day he's gone," said Thomas Bradley.

Investigators taped off Chris Benoit's Atlanta home Monday afternoon after World Wrestling Entertainment contacted authorities about several curious text messages Benoit sent to family and friends.

Authorities say  40 year-old Benoit strangled his wife in the family's office and asphyxiated their son before hanging himself in the basement of their home.

The couple seems to have a troubled past. Benoit's wife filed for divorce in 2003, citing cruel treatment.

She later withdrew the complaint and dropped a request for a restraining order.

Columbus wrestling fanatic, Thomas Bradley, looks at the Benoit posters plastered through out his apartment.

He can't believe what has happened.

"It was just shocking. You never knew something like this would happen to Chris Benoit. Millions and millions of wrestling fans across the world are just like me. They're mourning his death," added Bradley.