Century Plant Blooms In Columbus

Tony Jenkins lives on Hunter Road here in Columbus.

He says his front lawn has become quite the celebrity.

"It just started to bloom about two months ago. It started and I was cutting the grass and it went up from about eight feet tall into the air and looking at it now, it's about 20 feet in the air now," said Jenkins.

It's cactus like plant called an agave--which means a plant of admiration and beauty.

And this plant is certainly living up to its name.

The agave is often referred to as a century plant because it's said to only bloom very 100 years--but that's a myth.

"In reality it lives maybe 20 to 30 years then it will send up a big spike of flowers. So you got this rosette of leaves and some 20 years it will send up this rosette and it will flower and then dies," says environmentalist Julie Ballenger.

One of the best known uses for the agave is its production of tequila.

No you just can't lick it and get drunk--but the one in Mr. Jenkins yard is bloomed, full of tequila and gaining more attention day by day.

"People come by here everyday. They stop by and waking me up and asking me about these plants," says Jenkins.

According to Environmentalist, Julie Ballenger, the plant is worth more than just making boos.

"Through out history many, many different cultures have used these plants for a lots of different things especially fibers---they make ropes out of them," she adds.

Unfortunately Jenkins famous plant's 30 seconds of fame is about to end.

"Yeah it's about to die. It's turning yellow," said Jenkins.