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Two arrests made in Cottonton woman's murder

By Laurie Bernstein

It took sheriff's deputies less than a week to find the suspected killers of 20-year-old Stephanie Shea Graham. Authorities now claim the woman's mother may have wanted her dead.

Her body was found last week by an Eufaula truck driver off Bowden Road Thursday night.   

Police arrested Kenneth Walton Saturday. It's believed he was with Stephanie Graham the night she was killed.

Graham's mother also is under arrest on charges of 'capital murder for hire.'

Cherie Carpenter Crabb talked with WTVM about her family's relationship with murder suspect 36-year-old Kenneth Walton. She says it all started after Walton was hired by Lisa Graham's husband in his contract business. Ever since that time, Cherie says, Walton has been stalking all three of the women in the Graham family, especially Cherie's granddaughter Stephanie.

"It's been going on for a year or more, that he has harassed my granddaughter, myself, and my daughter... it hadn't been two weeks ago that he broke in on my granddaughter and tried to rape her in the middle of the night," Cherie said. "He walked into the shower on her in broad open daylight...she put her bed in the living room because she was so afraid of this guy."

However, Cherie does not believe her daughter is connected to her granddaughter's murder.

"My daughter would not have ever, no way ever, harmed her, this is not true...he told me he was gonna kill us all, he sat in my driveway and told me this, and why Kevin and Lisa didn't do anything about it, I do not know," said Cherie.

She adds, deep down, her granddaughter knew that Walton would eventually get her. 

"She sat on that porch two weeks ago and told me that she knew he was gonna kill her."

As for the Graham family's rape allegations, authorities say a police report was never filed.

Meanwhile, both Kenneth Walton and Lisa Graham are in the Russell County jail without bond, until their day in court. 

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