Warrant Issued in Murder of Two Local Students

Police say 20 year-old Bryan Kilgore and 21 year-old Randy Newton Jr. were gunned down just before ten Friday night.

Police do have a suspect, though they will not release a name.  A warrant has been issued for a Columbus man wanted in connection with the two murders.

20 year-old Kilgore was a star pitcher for the Columbus State University baseball team.

His coach says he was loved on and off the diamond and had a great career ahead of him.

"It's a real tragedy, a young guy like him so young it's a sad day for CSU and CSU baseball," added CSU baseball coach, Greg Appleton.

Newton was about to start his freshman year playing basketball at Benedict College in South Carolina.

He was visiting Columbus for a family reunion.

Police say both men were at the reunion just hours before they were murdered.

"Randy dreamed of playing basketball, and to have that dream become a reality, then get taken away is just devastating," said LaTanya Frazier, Newton's cousin.

Those closest to Newton consider his death ironic, because the violence in Columbus was the reason he chose to move away.

"I was crushed because Randy came up to where I lived to get away from Columbus, trying to make something of himself, get away from things going on here," said Bernis Webb, Newton's uncle.

"We've got to do something about this, we've got to get the guns off the streets, we've got to work harder at this, its gotta be a community effort," said Frazier.