Murder Victim's Family Speaks Out About Suspect Wanted in Case

People poured into the McMullen funeral home Monday, coming to pay their respects to Brian Kilgore. Among them was the family of Randy Newton.

"I just want to extend my arm to them, obviously we know exactly how they feel and to let them know this isn't a division among families, we love them, Brian and Randy were friends," said LaTanya Frazier, Randy Newton's cousin.

Upon hearing the news that police do have a suspect in the boys' murders, the family says they are relieved.

"I'm glad police have a suspect, I know the police are doing their job, that is great. We hope they catch whoever did this," said Johnny Ingram, Randy Newton's uncle.

But even if the suspect is caught, family members say the pain will never stop, and that violence in Columbus must come to an end.

"What does that do? That doesn't bring Randy back, that doesn't bring them Brian back, so as a community, we've got to make some changes, got to work on this," said Frazier.

Randy Newton's mother stresses that race has no place in these murders...

She says when they met their end, they met it together, and their blood was the same color.