Victims in Double Murder Remembered by Hardaway High

One after another stepped up to the podium, ready to share their own stories about how Randy Newton and Bryan Kilgore touched their lives.

"You're talking about two unique gentlemen, young men who were very accepting of everybody, no matter what background they were from," said Hardaway High School Principal Matt Bell

Before the ceremony began, families of the two victims embraced, able to share with each other the grief and sorrow they have been carrying since Friday night.

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"It is just inconceivable that someone could shoot both Brian and his friend," said Frank Robinson, Bryan Kilgore's great uncle.

But the outpouring of support for both the boys helped make things a little more bearable for the families.

"It was wonderful, such a beautiful thing, that people cared so much about Randy, that tells me he was a good kid, and all these people loved him. Brian was as well, everybody loved them, they were both good kids," said Randy A. Newton Sr., Randy Newton's father.

Two good kids with bright futures...who ended up at the wrong place at the wrong time with Michael Jason Registe.

"I can't really say how they knew this guy, but knowing how they were, they would have taken him in, just accepted him with open arms.  That's just how they were," said classmate Stefan Lawrence.