Drive-By Shooting Victim's Family Speaks Out

Lakita Richardson Kneels at the spot where her brother was shot and killed.

Now marked with a cross, Lakita says the spot serves as a reminder of what should not have happened to her brother.

"I'm still angry because we haven't found out who took him away from us," added Richardson.

19 year-old Kollister Williams was gunned down during a drive-by shooting.

It happened June 10th at the BTW Apartments.

Ms. Dorothy Tyson made the phone call to Kollister's family.

She says she re-lives that horrible night each time she comes out on her porch.

"My grandson pulled up out there. He said Mamma somebody got shot out here by Lee's car. That's when I jumped up out of the bed," added Tyson.

"I just want justice for him. I just want the police department to step up and say this is not something we're just going to let go," added Richardson.

Neighbors say Kollister was well-known in the community.

A sign at a neighborhood Metra bus stop is only one way they're remembering him.

Lakita says memories are the only thing that's getting her family through this nightmare.

"Him just always trying to be flashy. Trying to dress. Trying to be funny and we worked together briefly, so him just being there," added Richardson.