Making scars look better

For decades doctors have known that using silicone gels, some types of cortisone or pressure dressings can improve the appearance of scars. Many doctors feel that vitamin e can reduce  scar tissue formation by blocking the creating of more collagen. While doctors have used each of these ingredients individually for decades to improve the apperance of scars, they are cumbersome, difficult or messy. Patients usually stop using them, they almost never use more than one and without regular use, their scars will not benefit. For the first time ever, these ingredients have all been combined into a product that is easy to use. It is called Scargaurd. It is a liquid that is simply painted onto the scar twice a day beginning as soon as the wound is closed. It forms a dry, transparent protective coating called a flexible film that decreases irritation of the scar, while helping to improve its appearance. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists are the primary users of the produce. But it is available to anyone without a prescription. It reportedly works on newly formed scars and scars that are decades old.

by Dee Armstrong