Residents Share Concerns About The Recent Spike In Crime.

In recent weeks our newscasts have been dominated with stories of crime related deaths.

Multiple murders, robberies and home invasions.

Angie Primas and her best friend Pam Oliver moved here from Atlanta to get away from the high crime environment.

After only being here a few days, Primas says she feels like she ran into the same thing she was running away from.

"I started looking at the news the last two weeks here in Columbus and it's starting to make me feel unsafe. To the point where I feel unsure about the move," says Primas.

"It's scary. It really is scary because you want to feel safe. You want to feel secure. I don't want to have to look over my shoulders or feel cautious about who knocks at my door," added Oliver.

Some communities are taking matters into their own hands and forming neighborhood watch groups.

Members of one Midtown community hired off duty Sheriff's deputies to patrol their neighborhood.

Will Burgin is the founder of the Hilton Heights Neighborhood Association.

He says combating the crime must start in the community.

"I think neighbors being vigilant is probably the most useful and the most quickest way that we can really put some breaks on this, but what we're advocating is our neighborhood pulling together," added Burgin.