Elderly Woman Attacked Outside Home

An elderly victim in Columbus' latest home invasion talks to News Leader Nine about her terrifying experience. 70 year-old Mildred Harris was taking out the trash at her home on George Street, when she was attacked.

Thursday night started like any other night for 70-year-old Mildred Harris.

After watching some TV, Harris was putting her trash on her porch, when all of sudden two hands covered her mouth, and forced her back inside.

"They didn't hurt me, they dropped me right there. They said don't move, don't say nothing, give me all your damn money," said Harris.

Harris says while she laid on the floor face down, she told the robbers she only had a few dollars in the house.

But the men didn't listen. One held her down, and the other ransacked her home.

"They didn't take nothing, didn't take nothing. Took all the cushions off my sofa and threw them around," said Harris.

After an empty search, the robbers took off, and Harris called police.

Though crime is on the rise in Columbus, Harris is still surprised she became a victim.

"I've been living here a year in July, and nothing ever happens to me, and most of the time I'm by myself," she said.

Harris is just glad her life was spared, and her only injury is a sore knee where she recently had surgery.

From now on, this 70-year-old says she'll be adding more security measures to her home, but she's not leaving the neighborhood.

The home invasion suspects are still on the loose. And Columbus police are working on the case.