Crime Spike Lead Many To Get Extra Security

The recent spike in crime in the Chattahoochee Valley has prompted many people to look for ways to protect themselves and their families.  Businesses that offer security alarms and guns say they have seen more people coming in over the past week.

A dramatic rise in crimes of violence, like home invasions and shootings, has led many to invest in security alarms and weapons.  "A security system can't stop someone from breaking in, but can minimize your loss," said Columbus Fire & Safety Cindy Tucker.

Most companies that offer security alarms put stickers and signs outside your home.  "Statistics show perpatrators will bypass that home with a security system because of a sign and go to the one that does not have one," said Tucker.

Others are investing in handguns, and gun shop owners say people are looking at all their options.  "Everyone has different needs like firearms, pepper spray, tasers or just a whistle," said Gun Shop Owner Jon McMullen.

Mike Remley says the recent crime prompted him to get his wife a weapon.  "If she is put in a position whenever she need a gun, she'll be familiar with it and can handle it," said Remley.

Experts say if you are going to buy a gun, get proper training on how to use it.  "You really owe it to yourself and to society to understand how the firearm work.  You should practice with it and train with it," said McMullen.

The gun buyers say its all about feeling secure.  "I feel safer, because I know if someone trys to mess with me.  I would be able to protect myself," said Gun Buyer Wonda Winebush

Gun experts remind you, if you are planning to buy a handgun, you have to undergo a background check.  If you are planning on an alarm system, it could save you up to 20% on your homeowners insurance.