Rape Victim Speaks Out

A woman who was raped in columbus Sunday night is speaking out about her ordeal.  The woman says she's going public because her attacker is still at large, and she wants to warn other women.

The victim does not want to be identified, so we changed her name for her protection, and disguised her image and voice on our newscasts.  "Michelle," as we'll call her, says she feels it is important to share her story because one of our viewers may be able to help find her attacker.

"Michelle" is shaken up, but feels fortunate to be alive after being abducted and raped on Sunday evening.

The young mother of three was leaving The Soap Box laundromat, off Saint Mary's Road, when she was approached by a man.

"He opened my door, pushed me in, and said get in the car, and he had a knife," Michelle recalled.

The man then forced her to drive to an abandoned warehouse, where he raped her in her car. Michelle says she'd seen the man before where she works and at the laundromat, but she had no idea just how well he knew her.

"He'd told me that he'd watched me, he watched me every time I'd gone to the laundromat, and to the store, and that he'd been to my house. He could describe my house," she said.

After what seemed like an eternity in the car, Michelle found a way to escape.

"He turned the car off, and when he pulled the keys out of the ignition the doors unlocked, and he didn't have the knife, I knew he didn't have the knife, so I opened the door, and I ran. I ran to the first house I could find," Michelle explained.

The car was found several hours later, abandoned at a church on Cusseta Road. Now Michelle's friends and family members say they want her attacker found, especially since he claims to have so much information about them all. Her best friend, "Lynn," also fears for her own safety.

"Do they know anything about me? Do they know anything about my family and my baby?" Lynn asked. "He knows where she hangs out, and she's with me a lot. Every day."

Michelle's rapist threatened to kill her and her children if she told anyone, but threats won't scare these women.

"I want him in jail, I want him to pay for what he did," Lynn said.

Michelle describes her attacker as a black male, around five feet seven, and weighing 200 to 250 pounds.  He's in his mid-twenties to late thirties, with facial hair, and was wearing a white t-shirt and khaki pants at the time of the attack.

Anyone with any information is urged to call Columbus Police.