Keeping Cars Cool In Hot Weather

August 10, 2007

With record-breaking temperatures, some cars are having problems with air conditioning. They're leaving their owners hot and bothered. It is sweltering outside, and this heat will cause havoc on your A/C.

"I replaced an entire A/C system on a car recently from one end to the other, and it took me a good part of a day," said Jake Watson, a technician at King Honda in Auburn.

Older cars are having the hardest time surviving.

"With the extreme heat and high humidity, it takes its toll on weaker parts. Seals, O-rings and so forth," said Randy Melius, King Honda parts and service director.

Technicians say the best way to avoid the "dog days of summer" breakdown is preventive maintenance. Get your car checked out early.

"Typically in the spring time before the summer months really hit and the high temperature takes its effect on the car, just have a basic inspection. The technician will go over visual inspections to make sure there's no leaks, that there's no component damage and in the event there is some type of leak, to repair it before it becomes a major issue," Melius said.

There's not many external warnings of a failing A/C system, but there is one thing to keep an eye on before digging into it.

"The obvious tell-tale sign is if a rock or something flew up off the road and busted the condenser, you'll see oil deposits everywhere," Watson said.

There are other ways to prolong the life of your air conditioner. When you're getting ready to go somewhere, roll your windows down before turning your on the A/C. It's about 30 degrees hotter inside the car, and that will cause your unit to work even harder when you first start it up. Take care of your car, it will take care of you.