Heart patch

It's a common congential heart problem that until now required open heart surgery and a three month recovery. But, cardiologists have a new procedure that can plug the hole and send patients on their way the next day. Carlos Mancera could have been in the hospital a lot longer. Doctors  repaired a large hole in his heart. Instead, he went right back to work. He got his heart repaired without open heart surgery. "I told the doctors I have a hole in my heart. Air is coming out, are you going to put a plug in it?", said Mancera. That's exactly what they did. A new jellylike device plugged the hole between the chambers of Carlos' heart. It's placed there through a catheter that goes into the heart from the leg. The heart eventually grows over the wire mesh plug. The procedure takes an hour and you can be home from the hospital the next day. Compare that to traditional open heart surgery for this hole in the heart defect you could be in the hospital for five days up to two weeks.Carlos was worried because it's a brand new procedure. Cardiologists are the first to use the device for atrial septal defects. But he chose it over open heart surgery. "I was kinda worried but, I crossed my fingers and everything came out o-k," said Mancera. The device was just recently approved by the FDA. This atrial septal defect is a common congential heart problem , but, it's often not picked up until adulthood. Carlos was 30 when his defect was caught during a routine physical. His only symptom was getting overly tired when he played soccer.