Artists Setting Up Sculptures In Uptown Columbus

Over the next few months, artists from around the country will be displaying their sculptures along Broadway. Organizers are hoping the "Sculpture Walk" will draw more tourists to the area, while promoting businesses in Uptown.

In the 1100 block of Broadway, Chris Fennell is building...something. Right now his wooden structure doesn't look like much.

But when it's finished, this piece will join 14 others as part of a Sculpture Walk in Uptown Columbus.

"Alot of people will come and drop off their work, it'll be marble and bronze. I usually go to a place and find the materials there," said Fennell.

For this piece, Fennell didn't have to go far, just down the street to Bibb City.

There he scored some beams which come from the subflooring of the historic mill.

"I wanted something that was of this area. Right now, they're going through and turning mills into lofts, so that material was available," said Fennell.

The Sculpture Walk is way for Uptown Columbus to market the newly rennovated streetscape, and bring the arts outdoors.

"We hope this will be a regional draw for tourists to come down and see the public art from across this region," said Uptown Columbus President Richard Bishop.

For Chris Fennell, the show is a way to build artwork that carries a sense of meaning to the community.

"I travel this country and do these shows, and I see this happening across the country. Everybody coming back in and rediscovering all of the beauty that's here, the history," Fennell said.

Several artists will be setting up their sculptures over the next two months.

The "Sculpture Walk" officially opens October fifth, and will run for a year.