Get Moving Exercise Tips

Exercise Tips

1.  Make the time - I know sometimes we feel that there is never enough time during the day, but we all know that it just really comes down to how we use.  Usually it doesn't take much effort to squeeze out 30-45 minutes a day for a little exercise.  After all, it is your body and your health.

2.  Set Goals - It's nice to have long term goals like, "I want to lose 30lbs. by Christmas, etc." but it's the short term goals that truly help you achieve success.  To stick to those sometimes elusive exercise goals, concentrate on short term goals like exercising 3-5 days a week or loosing 5lbs in two weeks.

3.  Recruit a friend - In a survey by CBI magazine it stated, "90% of all exercisers report that they would prefer to work out in a group."  It's a lot more enjoyable to have a friend exercising with you, the conversation is always great and you can help hold each other accountable.

4.  Warm-Up - It increases the temperature of your muscles and allows them to become more efficient and flexible.  A warm-up will also reduce the risk of any injury and will prepare the body for the more intense exercise to follow.

5.  Get Active - Move!  Go for a brisk walk, a slow jog, exercise using just your bodyweight with squats, lunges, push-ups, and sit-ups or simply create opportunities to be active like washing the car, cutting the grass, or vacuuming the house.  The more you move the more calories you will burn.

6.  Listen to your body - You know when things just don't feel right, so don't over do it.  If you want to jog but your knees ache or your back is a little stiff then go for a long walk instead.  Just remember to take it slowly progress yourself from easy exercises to eventually more vigorous ones.

7.  Stretch - You can stretch before a work out to warm-up or after a workout to cool down.  I am a big fan of stretching after exercising because it will improve overall flexibility and help reduce lactic acid buildup that makes you sore the next day.  You can do a series of 10 different stretching exercises, repeat those 3 or 4 times, and stretching could then become your workout.

8.  Join a health club - Try out a health club.  Some clubs will let you try out a health club for free.  Take advantage of this opportunity to see if you would enjoy group fitness classes, a wide variety of equipment, personal trainers, or just the overall atmosphere of a health club.

9.  Reward Yourself - Give yourself a pat on the back.  Make sure to reward yourself with something that you would enjoy like maybe a trip to the beach or a day at the spa.  You deserve the reward when you reach your short-tem goals, so as you reach them set the next goal and reward yourself again when it is met.