August 27, 2007

August 27, 2007

It's official!  "Get Moving Monday's" is now apart of WTVM every Monday on News Leader Nine Morning around 6:45am and at 5:30pm.  This has been something I've wanted to do for the past few months.  I recently decided to get serious about my health and encourage others at the same time.  I will give an exercise or nutrition tip of the day on News Leader Nine Morning and then at 5:30pm, I will report on health and exercise news that you can incorporate into your daily life.   We are teaming up with North Columbus Athletic Club for this program.

I actually began my own weight loss plan last Tuesday, August 21st at North Columbus Athletic Club at 7a.m.  Yes, 7a.m....I am actually a morning person.  Studies have shown working out in the morning is the best time. What I have found out is if you work-out in the morning you will stick to it and will not find an excuse to get out of it.  To be honest with you, after I leave the gym every morning I feel so good and ready to tackle a full day's work at WTVM.

Now almost a week into my program I want to see you join with me to get healthier and in shape.  Right now I weigh 250 pounds and I am ready for a change.  So by working with my personal trainer and nutritionist I hope to reach my goal weight of 165 pounds soon.

My co-workers here at WTVM have been very supportive in this effort.  Some have even volunteered to workout with me and have been helping me watch what I eat.  One important thing in weight loss I have learned is 50% of your regimen is what you do in the gym.  The other 50% is what you eat outside the gym.  Like many, I have diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure in my family and I don't want to be the next victim.  That's why I'm pushing this new segment "Get Moving Mondays."

People always say they'll start that diet on Monday, so why not today?  Get Moving with me every Monday morning at 6 a.m and 5:30p.m.

If you have any questions about my exercise plan or you have suggestions, drop me an e-mail at

Have a great day!